Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Mitigation due to Toilet Overflow

This photo was taken after water damage had flooded the hallway of this residence due to toilet overflow.  SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park arrived on scene within an hour to perform water mitigation service.  In this particular situation, our trained technician quickly extracted the contaminants, used the proper drying equipment and treated the affected areas with disinfectants and deodorization.   Call SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park at (707) 588-8226 for all your water emergency needs.

Water Mitigation Service in Sausalito, CA

SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park was called to this house to perform water mitigation service.  After fire was put out, firefighters saw smoke coming from an exterior wall of this house, they opened the walls and found smoldering fire, which they then put out.  After the fire trucks leave, the house suffered extensive water damage.  When our technician arrived on scene they extracted excess amount of water and removed the carpet and padding in order to dry the subfloor. Call SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park at (707) 588-8226 for all your water emergency needs.

Water Damage caused by Water Heater Leak in the Attic

This photo was taken after a water heater in the attic slowly leak through the ceiling.  There was significant water stains on the ceiling which had been left unattended for a period of time.  When our crew arrived at the scene, they decided that they could dry the walls by simply removing insulation in the attic and base board in the hallway to ventilate wall cavity.  The area was treated with anti-microbial product to prevent microbial growth and drying equipment was placed.  Call SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rhonert Park at (707) 588-8226 for all your water emergency needs.

Water Mitigation Service in Oakland, CA

This photo was taken after water damage had broken up this hardwood floor due to a water heater leak.  Notice the extent of damage caused by bound water, which is the water that has been absorbed into the materials.  Our technicians extracted the water, dried the affected areas and placed the proper drying equipment.  SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Should you have water damage to your home or business, you can trust our professionals to get the job done.  Call us today at (707) 588-8226.  We’re always Here to Help!

Water Damage due to Sewage Backup

The owner of this home hired SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park to extract the water out from the bedroom, hallway and bathroom due to a sewage backup.  Upon inspection, the water loss was classified as category 3.  This means that water is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic and other harmful agents.  If not dealt with there is the potential for toxic mold growth.  Our technicians extracted all the contaminants from each of the rooms, treated the floors and affected drywall with antimicrobial disinfectant following the IICRC guidelines.  

Water Mitigation Services at a Church in Oakland, CA

This photo was taken in the lobby of a church in Oakland, CA.  Our crew performed water mitigation services due to hot water heater that burst and caused structural damages to 4 rooms in this building. We placed the proper drying equipment to the first and second level of the church and monitor the drying process to make sure it is dry. If you experience water damage at your home or office, call SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park at (707) 665-0822.